No More Worries helps finding the right legal and tax structure for global families and businesses

No More Worries
Sounds wonderful, but what does it mean? It is a serious promise to any person or family wanting a well-organised life without any worries about legal issues affecting life for him, his family and his business now and in future. NMW helps to develop a stable platform enabling family-members and their assets to be well placed and protected for generations to come.

As family governance counsellor NMW wants to fill the gap between families, family offices and professionals such as law firms, accountants and financial advisers. They all play important roles. Some work like the setup of family rules, known sometimes as Family Constitution, the lending of an independent, experienced, sympathetic ear, and guiding and mentoring family members requires a different kind of approach and professional.

We are a family governance counsellor. We help entire families, their individual members and their advisers wherever they live, to bring about a dynastic plan and a set of rules that each and every one agrees with and is committed to. For families to be successful they must have peace amongst them as well as common goals and fun. And if a problem comes up, then we are there as trusted friend to solve it fair and square.

Our most important function is to discuss and formulate together with a family ground rules that they all understand, accept and live by. Many families have big issues because there is no clear joint understanding and agreement governing them and their common assets and objectives.

By becoming a long term friend of the family and understanding the individual needs and objectives, wishes and worries we make sure that families, their businesses, charities and assets lead a long happy life with No More Worries. 

General Terms and Conditions 

1.   No More Worries BV (”NMW”) is a limited liability company established under the laws of the Netherlands and with its registered seat in Amsterdam for the purpose of providing legal services.

2.   All relations between the client and NMW shall be subject to these General terms and Conditions.

3.   NMW operate as sole contracting party of the client. Articles 404 (which relates to the situation where it is the client’s intention that an instruction be carried out by a specific person) and 407(2) (which imposes a joint and several liability where an instruction is given to two or more persons) of Book 7 of the Dutch Civil Code shall not be applicable.

4.   The person who is direct or indirect shareholder of NMW and who performs professional services for NMW may be referred to by or on behalf of NMW as owner or “partner” this in accordance with general professional custom. This person referred to as such acts exclusively for the account and risk of NMW in performing his or her professional services.

5.   Any liability of NMW is limited to the amount paid out under its professional liability insurance policy, or in the absence of such policy, the amount which is equal to tenfold the fees charged to the client in relation to the work done over the last 12 months.

6.   These General terms and Conditions may also be invoked by persons and legal entities associated with NMW, whether directly or indirectly, and that are involved in any manner in the services provided by or on behalf of NMW.

7.   The relations between a client and NMW shall be governed by the laws of the Netherlands.

8.   The court in Amsterdam shall be exclusively competent to hear any dispute between the client and NMW.