In any case, tomato sauce cooked in cast iron tastes better. Seasoning a cast iron pan is a simple and low-tech process that will make your cooking experience much easier in the long run with a small time investment in the short term. The purpose is to build an even non-stick surface in the pan. This product is also capable of handling a regular basis; cast-iron flax oil helps form a sheer, stick-resistant surface that bonds effectively to your pans and skillets. KitCast Natural Cast Iron Flax Oil offers impressive used with pans, woks, griddles, pots, skillets, frying pans, dutch ovens, and grills.

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  • This is one piece of equipment, like cooks themselves, that is only going to get better with age.
  • Canola oil is another very popular seasoning oil for cast iron.
  • In addition to washing a seasoned cast iron skillet by hand, and never in the dishwasher, leaving a cast iron pan to soak in water will also invite rust in a hurry.
  • You can always purchase a mitt made specifically for the handle to make moving your cast iron easier.
  • You can actually use soap on your cast iron if you absolutely have to.
  • When cleaning cast iron, do not soak the pan or run it through the dishwasher.
  • Can I use steel wool or a metal scrubber to clean my cast iron pan?

These variations do not affect cooking performance and typically even out with use electric hot pot . Warm an unseasoned pan for 15 minutes in a 200-degree oven to open its pores. The best way to strip a cast-iron pan of seasoning is to run the pan through your oven’s self-cleaning cycle. Even though it has a low smoke point, it is considered one of the best oils for seasoning.

The Recipe For Perfect Cast Iron Seasoning

Put the oiled pan upside down in a preheated 450°F (230°C) for one hour. Do not slide, spin, or drag the pan over the surface of your stovetop, especially glass top ranges, as scratches may result and are not covered by the product guarantee. Cleaning cast iron seems more complicated than it is.

Avocado Oil

Overheating or uneven heating can leave you with a warped pan. Before you start using your cast iron cookware, there are a few things to consider. What is the best way to clean up an old iron skillet? I know you are supposed to rub oil on them after use.


As far as using Crisco, this is ok for maintanace but if you store them for a long period without use, the vegitable oil based product will go rancid. I don’t coat the very bottom of the skillet, as any cook surface that it touches will make smoke and just burn off the lard. Take the paper towel and coat the interior, the exterior down to the bottom edge and the handle liberally. Fold the paper towel into a fourth and place a dollop of lard in the skillet. The size is not important, but for a 10” skillet, use about 1/4th of a cup. Can cooking acidic foods in cast iron add iron to my diet?

Conclusion About Safe Cast Iron Cookware

The pan should have a slight greasy feel to it. In a pinch, it’s fine to way spot wash the handle and bottom of pan with a little soap. Just be sure none gets into the cooking area of the pan. Sure, most people don’t put their cast iron through the dishwasher, but it’s impressive to see how well the first cast iron held up. The first cast iron skillet was seasoned with flaxseed oil, which is the food grade equivalent of linseed oil.

It’s easier and results in less mess and better bacon, in my opinion. Vegetable shortening is another popular choice which is unjustified. It’s relatively high in saturated fats and relatively low in polyunsaturated fats.

Some people say that the hot water will remove small bits of oil from the surface which will then be found floating around. Water breaks down the seasoning and can cause your cast iron to rust. One of the reasons cast iron is so highly valued is for its cooking properties.

Cast Iron Pan Seared Salmon

Use soap and warm water to wash the grids and rinse with clear water to remove potential contaminants from the factory. Modern cast iron is bumpy like this because it’s been cast in a sand-based mold as opposed to the solid molds old cast iron were cast in. Some people claim and that it’s not possible to season these bumpy pans properly. I have compared my shiny, totally smooth 1930s Griswold to my 10-year-old Lodge skillet .