No More Worries; The Family Governance Counsellor

No More Worries has been created after 35 years working in a major global private client practice. We act as a counsellor for families and their businesses wherever they are in the world. NMW supports and guides on the road to a well governed, secure and structured long-term future. Based on discussions with all interested persons we create an agenda to address and solve tax and legal issues. That forms the basis for a fair, flexible and transparant structure for global families and their businesses so that each knows and agrees what they should do and are entitled to for generations to come. NMW works as the families’ best friend who they can trust to help them the whole way.  


No More Worries (NMW) was created to deal with these issues on a worldwide basis as a friendly counsellor around the corner (figuratively speaking). So it is about any legal and tax system wherever in the world that NMW gives help. NMW wants to take care of clients in a different way. No time based billing but a fixed low level retainer for all the time and experience and know how needed by our limited number of good clients. We believe that an on-going relationship is most satisfactory for all. The relationship and our broad 35 years in international practice make it easy to identify problems and possibilities, formulate questions, targets and solutions, and when needed, find the right person for the technical job. NMW makes sure that problems are solved as simple and quickly as possible. For us it is all about timely, practical and efficient solutions and making it possible for our clients to do what they like and want to do rather than worry over legal and tax complexities. We know that we need to take the time to actually listen to our clients and then talk about any issues of concern to them, just like a trusted friend would do.

NMW promises clients less worries and more peace of mind.