No More Worries; The Family Governance Counsellor

After 35 years as a lawyer, Philip van Hilten created in 2009 No More Worries (“NMW”) as a small boutique counselling families and their businesses on possible ways fit for them to secure a well-balanced long-term future based on a good, fair governance system.

Successful dynastic families and businesses need a fair, flexible and transparent structure. As an independent governance counsellor, we can help in setting up such a structure by using our experience and skills to produce together with the family a governance blueprint which will be formalised by outside advisers.

Briefly said, NMW is the architect of a total legal framework for global families. Once the family is convinced and happy, these plans are turned into documents and structures that hired lawyers, accountants and other professionals are to direct and supervise.

When planning well together with the family a stable and safe future is guaranteed, family disputes are prevented and the setup of the framework does cost less than pursuing the traditional ways. 

As we work only for a few families,we are almost always immediately available. For its work as the families’ best legal friend NMW commits itself for the long-term. NMW prefers a moderate quarterly fee rather than using hourly rates.

Most matters which families need to deal with are in essence the same all over the world. And since many successful families are spread over several countries, we advise on a worldwide basis families from all over the globe.

NMW is only interested in finding together with the client practical solutions for problems and asks each client to do what they know best and let NMW worry over legal and tax complexities. For that we take all the time to listen and support as any trusted friend should do