What to read or watch

The Gospel according to Pilate (Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt)
Pilate recounts in this book his version of the facts about the trial and crucifixion of Christ and the events thereafter in fictitious letters to his brother Titus. The book tells about the shocking experiences and confrontational preaching’s, about a religion of love that went against all norms set by the Romans at that time. The cold analytical Roman approach by Pilate cannot answer questions such as whether there is a ‘Jesus mystery’ or just a ‘Jesus problem’. In his book, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt approaches life and religion from an unusual perspective.

Night train to Lisbon (Pascal Mercier)
I found this book challenging and beautiful. It confronts the reader with questions he or she might have about the way life can be led and the changes that can be made to it. The main character is a teacher of Greek and Latin for many years. When he meets very briefly a Portuguese woman he decides to break out of his life and take the train to Lisbon. Not easy to read but very beautiful and a worthwhile confrontation with everyday life.

Pane e tulipani
A wonderful, light Italian movie about a woman, slaving housewife and mother of 2 boys in their teens, who is forgotten by her family in a restaurant on the Italian motorway. She does not await the return of her husband and sons, but decides to take her life back in her own hands. Venice is where it all starts and what a setting for this dreaming away film which reminded me somewhat of the movie Shirley Valentine.

Shadow of the wind (Carlos Ruiz Záfon)
I could not stop reading this book about a doomed love and a young man who discovers a book in the Cemetery of Forgotten Books. It is a story within a story that keeps you reading and only think about the main character Daniel (or is it Julian or ??) It is a mysterious novel about the mysteries of life and love and the quest for those and for other hidden treasures.

Winnie the Pooh (A A Milne)
My favourite book since childhood! And I still read parts of the book from time to time. Winnie the Pooh is the character you would want to have yourself or the type of undemanding always optimistic, good humoured friend. For me all characters in this book portray a type of person and it is so funny to read about these animals  and the think who in your neighbourhood looks like Tigger, Piglet, Kanga, Owl or Eeyore or any of the others. The book is full of unquestioning loyalty, friendship and humour. For me the most positive book I can read and quote like the little conversation between Pooh and Piglet, when Pooh asks “what day is it”? Piglet then says “It is today” to which Pooh reacts saying “my favourite day”.


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