Where to go

Being there almost every day, it is hard to say what a visitor should see or do there except visiting our office in a beautiful and well hidden part of Amsterdam. Probably the Rijksmuseum is an absolute must-see. After some 15 years of restoration I think it is a gem not to be missed. While you are on the Museum square the Stedelijk Museum
and Van Gogh Museum are worth considering also. And then you simply must make a tour through the canals of Amsterdam preferably starting some time before it gets dark and then going on until the thousands of lights go on illuminating the canals in the evening. Think of renting a nice boat for a small party enjoying some drinks and food while sailing along (info@denederlanden.com). We love the bio market on the Noordermarkt in the heart of old Amsterdam on Mondays and Saturdays. For shoppers we suggest the so-called 9 straatjes. Amsterdam is best visited on a bike and they can be rented on lots of places.

Den Haag and Scheveningen
Our home town, some 50 kilometers from Amsterdam, is on the Northsea and is the only big city on the sea with a great beach and numerous small restaurants there (See also hereunder Culpepper). Den Haag, known in English as The Hague, is the legal Capital of the World with institutions such as the International Court of Justice, The International Criminal Court and the Permanent Court of Arbitration, but there are also some very special museums such as The Mauritshuis, home to many paintings of Vermeer and Rembrandt, Panorama Mesdag  a full circle painting of Scheveningen end 19th century with a diameter of 40 meters and 14meters high, and the modern arts museum Gemeentemuseum. See that and then go for a stroll on the beach or bike for dozens of kilometers through the dunes both north and south of the city.

Trequanda: Cinque Sorelle in Tuscany
A small, warm paradise on earth. Situated in the South Eastern part of Tuscany close to Montepulciano, Monte Oliveto and Cortona, Trequanda is one of the small ancient ,medieval hilltop villages known as the five sisters (see also www.villaglioppitoscana.eu and www.casasantapia.com/engels/castelmuzio.htm) It is Tuscany as you dream it to be before coming there. The region is filled with history, rolling hills, forests, pastures with sheep (“Pecorino”!) and the Chianina cows and olive trees and above all, hospitable, gentle people. A great area for sports and relaxing, reading and eating

Arezzo: La vita e bella!!!
Some 30 kilometres east of Trequanda is the ancient city of Arezzo. One of the many Italian treasures that most visitors to Italy happen to miss. It is a truly nice place where life is beautiful on most days close to the autostrada from Florence to Rome. Visit the San Francisco church in which 15th C. frescoes depicting the Legend of the True Cross can be admired (buy an entrance ticket in advance on http://selectitaly.com/browse/things-to-do/museums or phone in advance +39057520630). Arezzo has a very romantic Piazza Grande where the movie La Vita a bella (Life is beautiful) was shot and each 1st Sunday of the month there is a major antique and vintage market.

Salernes, Aups and Tourtour
Between the Méditerranée and the French Alps in the heart of the Provence are the largely unspoiled villages of Salernes, Tourtour and Aups. Away from crowded St-Tropez at some 60 km and Nice and Marseille at an hour or so by car, you can indulge in the sweet life of the Provence. The green hills and the villages give a total relaxed feeling without worries.


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